Here at Auto tech we offer a wide range of services. We can M.O.T test your vehicle, carry out repairs and provide full or incremental annual and mileage services. Please call us today on 01623 555 220 for a friendly and professional service.

What are the benifits of servicing your car?

Changing your oil & Filter will reduce wear on engine components. This together with an overall ‘Health-Check’ will ensure your car is at its best; this can vastly extend your cars life

A properly maintained car is worth more when you come to sell your car a full service history will ensure you get the best price

Oil carries particles that clog up the filter, which will ultimately reduce the life of your engine and its efficiency; by changing these parts in many cases your fuel economy (MPG) will be increased

What services do we offer at Auto Tech?

Annual Service

Maximise the lifespan and value of your car with regular car servicing


Having problems with your car with over 20 years of experience we will be able to help you diagnose and repair your car

M.O.T Testing

We provide M.O.T testing at a competitive price call us or send us a query for more information.

Car Repair

Should your vehicle suffer from a breakdown, you need someone local who has the necessary skills to repair it: Our services include Brakes, Cambelts, Clutches, Diagnostics, Engines & Cylinders Heads, Exhausts, MOT Preparation & more...


We fit genuine exhaust systems as well as basal exhaust systems.

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